Farmhouse Angus – Burger King – Burger Price & Review

Burger King Farmhouse Angus Burger King Farmhouse Angus Review Price: £7.49. Calories: 766 kcal. Burger King have got a relatively new burger on their menu as part of the Gourmet Kings range called the Farmhouse Angus. Now Deliveroo is delivering to BLHQ, the BK review floodgates are well and truly open! It’s expensive! £7.49 for … Read more

Halloumi Fries – McDonald’s UK – Price & Review

McDonald’s Halloumi Fries McDonald’s Hallowumi Fries Review Price: £2.49/£6.49. Calories: 210/630 kcal. McDonald’s have launched Halloumi Fries for the very first time in the UK and as with most other “sides” now come in a portion size of 4 or 12. I’m going to keep this review short as it is always difficult (IMO) writing … Read more

Spicy Spanish Stack – McDonald’s UK – Burger Price & Review

McDonald’s Spicy Spanish Stack McDonald’s Spicy Spanish Stack Review Price: £5.39/£6.69/£7.29. Calories: 581 kcal. The Summer Menu continues at McDonald’s UK and up next for review is The Spicy Spanish Stack. I don’t need to remind you where you first heard the line-up of the 2022 event (OK this build has had a name change) … Read more

Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries – Burger King – Price & Review

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries Burger King Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries Review What they say: A large portion of fries drenched in cheese sauce and bacon pieces. Price: £4.19 Cheesy Bacon/ £3.69 Cheesy (Uber prices). Burger King have launched both the Cheesy Bacon Loaded Fries and the Cheesy Loaded Fries here in the UK, … Read more

Crispy Chicken Italiano – McDonald’s UK – Burger Price & Review

McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Italiano McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Italiano Review Price: £5.19/£6.89/£7.39. Calories: 638kcal. The Summer Menu is available now at McDonald’s and today we are reviewing the Crispy Chicken Italiano. Available alongside the returning (but tweaked again) Italian Stack, the Crispy Chicken Italiano is described as “A delicious crispy chicken fillet topped with a juicy … Read more

The Italian Stack – McDonald’s UK – Burger Price & Review

McDonald’s Italian Stack McDonald’s Italian Stack Review Price: £5.19/£6.89/£7.39 Calories: 648 kcal. Part 1 of the Summer Menu is in full swing at McDonald’s and up next is the returning Italian Stack. Featuring for a limited time only and alongside the new Crispy Chicken Italiano, The Italian Stack has had another upgrade for 2022. I’m … Read more

Pie Reviews: Pieminister: Supreme Champion Pie Review

Pieminister: Supreme Champion Pie Review Pieminister: Gluten Free Mooless Moo Pie Review Like a non-league team beating Premier League opposition you sometimes get those that defy the odds. How could part time players beat full time players, some of the best in the world, when at such a disadvantage? The shock winner of the Supreme … Read more