Can a Pressure Cooker Brown Meat?

Pressure cookers have certainly grown in popularity among the professional culinary community as well as seasoned home cooks. Instant Pot pressure cookers typically cook various food items through a tightly sealed vessel that works significantly faster than conventional methods–and saves energy. A small amount of water or broth is boiled within the pressure cooker, packing … Read more

Pressure Cooker (Instant Pot) New York Cheesecake with a Toffee Pecan Shortbread Cookie Crust

Home » New York Cheesecake | Instant Pot Recipe As an Amazon affiliate, and affiliate with other businesses, I earn from qualifying purchases. This thick and tangy Instant Pot New York Cheesecake has a crumbly toffee pecan shortbread cookie crust and a sweet and sticky caramel topping. It’s one of the best pressure cooker cheesecake … Read more

Instant Pot and Slow Cooker Football Party Recipes

If you’re having a party this weekend you will definitely need food. And not just any food. Good party food. Food that you only get when you’re watching football. Here are some amazing instant pot and slow cooker football party recipes that you need to put on your menu. Pin this for later! Mississippi Sin … Read more