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Not all pasta is health-friendly and might cause obesity if eaten in access. The case is different from my Instant Pot Pesto Pasta recipe which uses Penne Pasta, dried Tomatoes, spices, Vegetable Broth, Pesto, and Vegan Parmesan Cheese for quick preparation.

Why This Recipe Works

Instant Pot Pesto Pasta is one of the simplest pasta to make. This delicious vegan recipe does not take hours and hours in the kitchen to prepare. Instant pot will do everything for you in a few minutes. Even, the ingredients are cheap and affordable.

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Recipe Ingredients

Penne Pasta – a cylindrical shape pasta that is rich in carbohydrates

Sun-Dried Tomatoes – low in sodium and fat that lowers your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure

Spices – add taste and texture to the recipe

Pesto – add flavor to Pasta

Vegetable Broth – it is rich in nutrients that boost the immune system and improve digestion

How to make

Get all the ingredients together

Put 1 cup, Penne Pasta, into the instant pot

Add 4 Oz sun-dried tomatoes

Add one tablespoon black pepper into the instant pot

Add one tablespoon of onion powder

Add one tablespoon garlic powder into the instant pot

Add 1 tablespoon dried parsley into the instant pot

Now, add 1 tablespoon oregano

Add 1 tablespoon flakes of red pepper

Pour ¼ cup of vegetable broth into the instant pot

Add 4 tablespoon and pesto into the instant pot cook it for 6 minutes at high pressure and high temperature

Add ½ cup vegan parmesan cheese

Finally, your recipe is your to be served

How to Serve

Your Instant Pot Pesto Pasta is ready to serve. You can serve white beans, legume-based salad, and green salad as side dishes with pesto pasta.

Pesto Pasta is a healthy and delicious dish with the amazing flavor of pesto. It is very health friendly for your health similar to my two other pasta recipes that go by the name of Taco Pasta and Gluten-free pasta

FAQ About Instant Pot Pesto Pasta

Which type of pasta is best for pesto?

You can use any type of pasta with pesto but Penne Pasta is the best option for it.

If the Pesto Pasta is very dry, can I add oil to it?

Yes, you can add olive oil to make it greasy.

Can I reheat the leftover Pesto Pasta?

No, don’t heat it again. Otherwise, it will turn black.

What is the best temperature to eat Pesto Pasta?

The best temperature for eating Pesto Pasta is room temperature.

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  • Gather all the necessary ingredients on your kitchen table.

  • take an instant pot and add , Penne Pasta, Oz sun-dried tomatoes, one tablespoon black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and dried parsley into the insatnt pot.

  • Then add 1 tablespoon oregano, flakes of red pepper, cup of vegetable broth, and last but not the least few spoons of pesto pasta into it.

  • lock the lid and pressure cook it for 6 minutes.

  • Cook on high pressure for 4 minutes.

  • When cooking time is complete, do a quick pressure release.

  • Add a vegan parmesan cheese, stir well and serve 🙂

Calories: 153kcal Carbohydrates: 32g Protein: 7g Fat: 1g Saturated Fat: 1g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g Monnounsaturated Fat: 1g Sodium: 100mg Potassium: 881mg Fiber: 4g Sugar: 9g Vitamin A: 707IU Vitamin C: 9mg Calcium: 45mg Iron: 3mg

  • This recipe can easily be doubled and stored in a fridge. Transfer it in a cup whenever needed, and serve.
  • Don’t miss out on Vegetable Broth as it is the key ingredient of the recipe.

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