Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole

You should no longer be confused about preparing a quick and everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dish. Instant Pot Green Casserole would take care of it!

All you have to do is to get an Instant Pot and serve 12 minutes of your life for this delicious recipe.

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Why This Recipe Works

Have you ever exclaimed ‘why am I eating this!’ in the middle of a fat-rich fast food meal? If yes, then you definitely care about your health and this Instant Pot Green Bean recipe is worth your trust! The recipe is rich in vitamins and calcium, topped with a yummy coating of cheese and mushroom soup cream. If you are privileged enough to have an instant pot, this elite combination deserves a try.

The best thing about this recipe is that it cooks up amazingly smooth so you can have that healthy classic taste any time.

Recipe Ingredients

Green Beans – Main ingredient and surely the healthiest. It does not require much chopping and is already ready to be used in the recipe. In this recipe, use 14 oz Green Beans but it can vary if you need greater quality of the meal.

Cheddar Cheese – Ideally, 1 cup of shredded Cheddar Cheese but you can add more depending on your craving.

Cream of Mushroom Soup – Adds another layer 0f creamy goodness, with surprising bites of mushroom pieces to bring an instant smile to your face. If you are a Garlic lover, Mushroom soup pairs well with it too.

French Fried Onions – It gets soft sweetness in the dish and brings a rich umami flavor. I would not recommend adding too much of it, and 6 oz would do just fine.

How to make

The recipe does not demand a big list of ingredients and steps. Just follow these simple steps.

Gather all the ingredients near your Instant Pot.

Add 14 oz of Green beans to the Instant Pot, as the main ingredient in this unique recipe. These should be very fresh and better to cook as soon as you bring them from the shop.

Flood the Green beans with 10 oz Cream of Mushroom soup.

Start the Instant Pot at high pressure for 2 mins. You would start seeing a good shape till then.

Take out the mixture in a bowl and 6 oz of french fried onions to it.

Shredd the cheese carefully with the shredder

Next, add 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese, which you can add more if you are an extra fan of it.

Put the bowl in the Instant Pot and air fry the mixture at 390F for 12 mins and continue with your favorite TV show till then.

Congratulations, the Thanksgiving dish is ready to be shared with your family!

How to Serve

Green Bean Casserole can be served with soy sauce and pepper and thank yourself for this delicious Thanksgiving recipe. Next time you go to someone’s house, you don’t have to go empty-handed but with Instant Green Bean Casserole.

A big helping of Green Bean Casserole pairs perfectly with all your favorite holiday dishes!

Try it alongside a pile of Mashed Potatoes with a ladle full of gravy.

FAQ About Instant Pot Green Bean Casserole

Can I use canned beans?

I recommended you use dried beans over canned.

They are substantially more economical, healthier, and have a much better taste.

For how long should the beans be cooked?

Cook at high pressure for 5 minutes to have a soft texture.

Cook at high pressure for 2 minutes to have a softer but firm texture.

Cook at high pressure for 1 minute for a crunchy texture.

Can I store/freeze my green beans?

Cooked beans hold up well! Pour cooled beans into a water/air-tight holder & freeze.

How to prepare fried onions for garnishing?

You can pan-fry the onions in some coconut oil (you can use other oil if you like) until golden and crispy on both sides.

Or you can simply buy from the stores and use it as a garnish for your green beans casserole.

You can also use this Instant Pot Caramelized Onions recipe.

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  • Take 14 ounces of green beans and cut them slightly from the two corners.

  • Add green beans to your Instant Pot.

  • Next, pour 10 ounces of cream of mushroom soup into the beans.

  • Cook the mixture at high pressure for 2 mins.

  • Take a bowl and add the mixture into it from the Instant Pot. Then add 6 oz of french fried onions to it.

  • Finally, put the bowl in the Instant Pot and air fry the mixture at 390F for 12 mins.

  • Dish out your beans and enjoy the cheesy dish.

Calories: 379kcal Carbohydrates: 23g Protein: 23g Fat: 23g Saturated Fat: 13g Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g Monnounsaturated Fat: 6g Cholesterol: 64mg Sodium: 1386mg Potassium: 641mg Fiber: 6g Sugar: 7g Vitamin A: 1935IU Vitamin C: 24mg Calcium: 479mg Iron: 3mg

  • Be careful while shredding cheese as a slight slip could cause your hand in trouble.
  • A cream of mushroom soup would be perfect for this recipe, but you might use some other compatible soup with it.

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