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There is no other opinion that the eggs are super versatile like, can be eaten in so many ways!

And, one variety that we really relish and hold near our hearts is the Instant Pot Deviled Eggs.

Sliced ​​down the middle and loaded up with a velvety, mustard-and-mayo-stuffed filling.

This one-bite treat is ordinarily filled in as an Easter canapé — however, we consider it’s a bite qualified for any social event.

Why is it called Deviled Egg?

This creamy, rich, fine crumbled network nibble of delightfulness has attached back to old Rome.

Where they loved to have boiled eggs prepared with zesty sauce as the first course of their supper.

Of course, it was not the exact same recipe we enjoy now at parties & gatherings.

Be that as it may, the term “deviled” didn’t show up on paper until 1786.

In culinary, “deviled” referred to dishes with hot ingredients or those highly seasoned and broiled or fried. And “deviling” was coined to describe the process of making spicy food.

Hence, these spiced stuffed eggs were named the “Deviled Eggs“.

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How to boil eggs so they are easy to peel?

  • Use your Instant Pot! Eggs cooked in the Instant Pot practically pop right out of their shells! It’s a game-changer!
  • For best results, peel your eggs right after they are cool enough to handle.
  • You can peel your eggs ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.
  • Put in Ice water right after taking it out from Instant Pot.

Can I pre-cook it?

You can make deviled eggs to the extent that 2 days ahead of time, keeping the egg whites and the filling isolated and refrigerated until the opportunity arrives to gather.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Useful tips for perfect Instant Pot Deviled Eggs:

  • Forget boiling a pot of water on the stovetop. Use your Instant Pot! All you need is one cup of water, six eggs, and five minutes. That’s it; really! You’ll never go back to making hard-boiled eggs the old-fashioned way.
  • Place the cooked eggs into an . ice bath immediately after removing them from the Instant Pot to stop the cooking process. This also makes them easier to handle and peel.
  • Add enough mayonnaise to make a Creamy, clump-free paste. No one likes grainy filling in their deviled eggs.
  • Top with a sprinkling of paprika and fresh chives to achieve that classic, Southern look!

How to serve?

You can serve your Instant Pot Deviled Eggs as an entree or as a healthy snack.

How to make Instant Pot Deviled Eggs?

Gather the ingredients.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Add water into your Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Put the eggs into the water.

Cover the lid.

Set the pot to High Pressure for 5 Minutes.

Once the wait for a natural pressure release for 5 minutes and then do a quick release.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Let the eggs cool down into icing water for 5 minutes.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Peel the shells off of eggs.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Slice them in half and take the yolk out.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

It will look something like this.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Mix all the spices into a bowl.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Mix the yolk you took out from eggs.

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

Fill the eggs with this mixture, and here you go!

Your Instant Pot Deviled Eggs are ready 🙂

Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

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Hard boiled eggs cut into half filled with egg and mustard mixture and topped with paprika
  • Pour 1 cup of water into the Instant Pot.

  • Place the eggs inside the Instant Pot.

  • Close the lid and cook on high pressure for 5 minutes.

  • When cooking time is complete, wait for a natural pressure release for 5 minutes.

  • Once done, open the lid and place the eggs into a bowl with ice water for 5 minutes.

  • In a bowl, mix mayonese, pickle juice, paprika, onion powder, hot sauce, dijon mustard, salt and pepper.

  • Peel the eggs shells and cut them in half.

  • Take the yolk out and mix it with the mixture inside the bowl.

  • Transfer the mixture into an icing cone.

  • Fill the eggs with this mixture, top with paprika and serve 🙂

Calories: 172kcal Carbohydrates: 2g Protein: 9g Fat: 14g Saturated Fat: 3g Polyunsaturated Fat: 6g Monnounsaturated Fat: 4g Trans Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 250mg Sodium: 334mg Potassium: 112mg Fiber: 1g Sugar: 1g Vitamin A: 371IU Vitamin C: 3mg Calcium: 45mg Iron: 1mg

Instant Pot Party-Worthy Deviled Eggs

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