What is Inarizushi (Inari sushi)?

Inarizushi is made with only two ingredients: fried bean curd and vinegar rice (or vinegar rice mixed with boiled down carrots, shiitake or similar ingredients). , and it is that simplicity that allows the chef to devote their ingenuity to the dish, creating a unique flavor. It is said to have first appeared at the … Read more

How to categorize various types of sushi

There are many things that fall under the term “sushi”. Within Japan, every prefecture has at least one type of local sushi. In order to understand these different types more deeply, we have separated them into categories and will introduce the typical types. First of all, there should be rules when categorizing things. However, there … Read more

What is Meki? Substitute for Kuruma ebi?

Japan leads the world in shrimp consumption by far. Most of the shrimp is imported, but it is a little known fact that shrimp is called “Meki” among importers and sushi restaurants in Japan. It is said to be a remnant from a time when much of the imported shrimp came from Mexico (pronounced “Mekishiko” … Read more

Illegal Fishers Worst Nightmare: A Machine Learning AI That Just Got Stronger

With the help of Peru and Indonesia, the sophisticated, futuristic “machine learning” AI that powers the entire program just got access to one hell of a lot more raw data. On June 7th, Indonesia published its proprietary data to the Global Fishing Watch, with Peru simultaneously committing to publishing their vessel tracking data to the … Read more


Foreword How to read this book History of Nigiri sushi Classification of Nigiri sushi 1.AKAMI 1-1 Pacific bluefin tuna (Taiheiyou Kuro maguro) 1-1-1 Lean meat of tuna (Akami) 1-1-2 Medium Fatty Tuna (Chutoro) 1-1-3 Very Fatty Tuna (Otoro) What is Harakami Ichiban? 1-1-4 Meji-maguro 1-1-5 Hachinomi 1-1-6 Kamatoro 1-1-7 Jabara 1-1-8 Chiai-gishi 1-1-9 Wakaremi What … Read more

The 6 Best Countries to Eat Real Sushi Outside of Japan

Japanese people have been emigrating all over the world for more than 800 years. Many of the descendants of these immigrants have maintained their Japanese language, culture, and of course their sushi traditions. Sushi enthusiasts like us are lucky to have access to authentic Japanese restaurants when we are traveling all over the world. As … Read more

Tips for making great Inarizushi from a sushi chef

This Inarizushi (Inari sushi) recipe was devised by a sushi chef of a popular restaurant. First of all, sushi rice made for Inarizushi can be used for a wide variety of uses including Uramaki and Chirashizushi, so it could be useful to learn. However, the recipe is slightly different than Nigiri sushi. The reason is … Read more