#BurgerTours: Special Burger Review: Boon Burger

Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Date Visited:
April 20, 2022

Location: Burlington, ON
BurgerTours Rating: 9.25/10

Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses
Awesome Very messy $11-$15 Fast Food Veggie, Gluten Free


Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Drew’s Review

I’m good…good. How do you do?

Nice to hear. How are things?

On this trip for BurgerTours, we take you to Burlington, ON, home to one of the best piers in Ontario to view an incoming thunderstorm from. Selecting the place was easy. One of the known burger joints in the area is Boob Burger. Operating just steps from the main street in Burlington since 2016, Boon Burger also has a location in Oakville with a similar menu.

Also known as Canada’s first all vegan burger café, Boon Burger prides itself in being 100% animal friendly – ​​hence all the pictures of animals lining the walls of their café. Each menu item is 100% plant-based either local, fair-trade and organic and makes sure every ingredient is sustainable. Everything from burgers, to poutines, to soups and dairy-free soft serve is made fresh daily and is on of the healthier restaurants this far out of the GTA.

When we entered the café after 2 pm on 4/20, we were the only diners. We were handed menus and quickly read over the options, each one sounding more enticing than the previous. We placed our orders and took a table in the far corner. Within half an hour, our orders were ready and the plant-based feast could begin.

The Nasty Vegan 2.0/Photo by Andrew Hockridge

I ordered the Nasty Vegan 2.0 which was loaded with Bermuda mayo, tzatziki dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickles, sautéed mushrooms, cheese sauce and crispy onions. The burger looked mouth-watering and a handful. I couldn’t choose where to begin, so I tried and found the bottom, only to have the buns fall apart and the burger collapse. So I grabbed a knife to cut it in half for better consumption. I managed to eat the burger with a knife and a fork, and I think I made the right decision.

The burger was delicious from start to finish. The sauces and the dressings were dancing with my taste buds. The burger was soft and succulent and the toppings were a nice addition. The plant-based vegan patty was tender and juicy and it was the perfect flavor for this burger. I honestly can’t think of anything that was bad about this burger, either than the fact that it fell apart in my hands, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it just tasted amazing.

Overall, the Nasty Vegan is a wonderful plant-based vegan friendly option for Bonn Burger to have. There was something about this burger that made it stand out from every burger I’ve ever eaten and that’s saying a lot. Whether it was the pairing of dressing and sauces on the burgers, the fresh toppings on it or the freshness of the patty, Boon Burger have crafted this burger very elegantly. I give high remarks to the chefs behind the creation. I enjoyed every second of it, and I hope to return to try more delicious creations from their ever-evolving menu.


Mark’s Review

Welcome back to another BurgerTour. We venture once again out of Toronto to the City of Burlington where we pay a visit to another local favourite, Boon Burger. Having two locations in Burlington and neighborhood Oakville, the Burlington location was a more convenient place for us to try. Sitting along near the boardwalk, this spot is perfect to grab a quick meal while taking in the summer heat. It wasn’t the summer heat, however, that attracted us to Boon Burger. It was the fact that everything was plant based. I’ve had many plant based burgers in the past, but this place in particular I was most excited about.

Jalapeno Chedda Burger/Photo by Mark Avila

Boon Burger offers the traditional burgers that you would expect at any burger joint, but the difference is… its healthier! I think that’s something we all look for when indulging in our guilty food pleasures, but still keeping our waist lines in check.

I opted for the Jalapeno Chedda Burger – plant based patty layered with Bermuda mayo, cheese, a generous amount of jalapeño peppers, topped with lettuce, onion tomato. This is all contained between two soft brioche buns.

Taking the first bite… everything just fell apart, but in a good way. The flavors were a mix of sweet, savoury, and spicy. A great combinations for such a simple, yet complex burger. For a good while I thought I was eating a taco instead of a burger. At one point I just gave up and took the burger apart, and finished it off with a fork.

Overall, it was a very good burger. In terms of the heat, it was on and off. I felt in the beginning there was a lack of the jalapeño peppers until I got towards the middle, and that’s where my mouth felt like it was on fire. By far this was the best plant based burger I’ve had. The flavors just worked and was put together perfectly. This was definitely worth the drive and I will definitely be back!


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