#BurgerTours: Burger Review #52: Harry’s Drive-In

Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Date Visited: March 27, 2021
Location: Scarborough, ON
BurgerTours Rating: 5.65/10

Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses
Good Non-Messy $5-$10 Fast Food Veggie, Patio


Drew’s Review

Harry’s Drive-In in Scarborough has been serving up hamburgers since 1954. The location sits comfortably in a parking lot in the north-east intersection of Kennedy and Lawrence. The restaurant is small and ironically, Harry’s Drive-In doesn’t have a drive-in. The burger joint has only seating for six or seven inside; Though its outdoor patio can accommodate an additional 16 people.

Harry’s Drive-In has everything from classic hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken dinners, fish, gyros and souvlaki. They also offer milkshakes to go with your classic hamburger. Everything about this place makes you take a step back in time and reminisce of a simpler, non-franchised world.

Veggie Burger/Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Upon arriving, we were quick to realize Harry’s Drive-In only accepts cash, so we thought of a quick workaround. Luckily, Harry’s Drive-In was listed on Uber Eats for pickup. We browsed their menu and I was in the mood for something light. And the Veggie burger was probably the best option for this. Within a few minutes of placing our orders, our burgers were ready.

I ordered the Veggie Burger that came with a veggie patty, and additional toppings of lettuce, ketchup and onions. The burgers are pretty big and for only $6, it can satisfy anybody. The Veggie burger looked thick, sandwiched between the two classic hamburger buns. I didn’t bother to dress the burger up as I wanted to indulge the taste of the veggie patty.

The first few bites of the Veggie Burger were okay. Nothing exceptional except for the tangy flavor of the onions. As I worked slowly toward the middle of the patty, the taste became the same. The flavor was bland and the quality was lacking. The veggie patty was soft and a little dry. Thinking about it, maybe I should have added a few more toppings to it.

Overall, if you’re looking for a retro-styled hamburger joint in Scarborough, Harry’s Drive-In simply has that. I don’t really recommend the veggie patty, as I stated above, it was a little bland for my liking and lacked overall flavour, however, Harry’s Drive-In has many different options to choose from and many different burgers on their menu. I hope to return sometime soon and try an original hamburger and hopefully reverse my opinion on them.

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Mark’s Review

Another birthday, another special burger tour. As customary here at #BurgerTours, we celebrate our birthdays with a free meal. For Andrew’s big day, he got to decide the location of our next burger joint.

We stay local and pay a visit to Harry’s Drive-In! This popular burger joint in Scarborough sits at the intersection of Kennedy Rd & Lawrence Ave East. A local favorite for decades, diners claim Harry’s homemade Drive-In to have the best burgers in the city. They are a staple spot for Greek dishes such as souvlaki, gyros, and burgers.

Veggie Burger/Photo by Mark Avila

Affordable, delicious… we were excited to experience the hypo with Harry’s Drive In. When we first arrived, we were greeted with a “Cash Only” sign and were somewhat inconvenienced since we only carried our credit cards at the time. I double checked if they were on the Uber Eats app, and to our luck, they were! We ordered our meal on the app, and within 15 minutes it was ready. Service was quick, and the staff inside were friendly and welcoming when we picked up our food.

We both opted for the Veggie Burger with our choice of lettuce, onion, and ketchup for the toppings.

This is where it gets interesting… unwrapping the burger, it looked delectable and appetizing. Taking the first bite, however, I was a little disappointed. To keep it simple, it was pretty bland. Not to fully bring this burger down, but we probably could’ve added more toppings to further enhance the flavour, instead we decided to keep it simple and paid the price for it. The patty was nicely cooked, and thankfully the ketchup and onions added a hint of sweetness and a touch of heat.

Other than that, there’s nothing much to say. It was filling, but our lack of topping choices definitely brought down the quality and flavor of the burger. Lesson learned, the more the merrier!


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