#BurgerTours: Burger Review #47: Slayer Burger

Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Date Visited:
October 22, 2020

Location: East York, ON
BurgerTours Rating: 7.5/10

Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses
Great Some Drop
$11-$15 Fast Food Veggie


Drew’s Review

Hi. How are you? Good. So you’re doing well then?

This pandemic is long and boring. Nobody wants to suffer any longer. That’s why we’ve been pumping out these burger reviews so it gives you a thing to read, a burger to try and possibly even a new restaurant to fall in love with. We continue to do what we love because of you, the readers, the viewers, the fellow bloggers and foodies. We love you. 🥰 So thanks for taking the time to stop by and give yourselves a pat on the back.


Slayer Burger.

Slayer Burger is a relatively new burger joint that opened up sometime in the last few months, (given their Instagram presence only dates back to August). And it opened in a not too crowded, not to populated area of ​​East York. And if it weren’t for their social media presence, or label on Google Map, you probably wouldn’t have ever known of their existence.

Mark came to me one day and said, have you heard of Slayer Burger, and then held up his phone to show me their Instagram profile. Scrolling through the pictures, first of all I was impressed, and secondly I was hungry. I had no idea that a new burger joint opened up in the neighborhood. And because all of us are stuck in our homes for most of the year, I had no idea that space on O’Connor Dr. (which I usually drive by at least a few times a week) was being renovated. I had to pull up their website to find out who they were.

And according to their website, Slayer Burger prides itself in not following any trends, but setting them. They are founded on heavy metal music and their environment reflects that. They express their philosophy of truly local ingredients and providing “tried and true service principles.” Right away, I was hooked. This was a burger joint that showed all of its faith in burgers and satisfying the customer.

Beyond Burger/Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Slayer Burger offers 5? burgers on its menu, two of which are beef patties and the others were specialty burgers. One of the specialty burgers listed was a wagyu patty with foie gras on a charcoal sesame bun for a whopping $34! Was this heaven? Now I know what you’re thinking, well isn’t that the burger your ordered? No, and for a good reason too. Because of the ongoing pandemic, I was/am still trying to save as much as I can for essentials and rarely go out of my way to spurge on something. And also, the week prior, I was dealing with some sort of stomach bug and nothing was settling well so I really had to start watching what I was eating. All of this lead me to opting for the lighter option of a beyond meat (meatless) burger.

When it came time to choosing, Mark had ordered the same thing and figured we could give a back to back review. So here it is. The burger was small, petite even, compact, yet looked full of juiciness. The buns were soft and delicate, just how daddy like them. I held it up in the air like Simba on pride rock. I took one last look, closed my eyes and bit into it. It was tender with minimal flavour, and excessive on the sauce. There wasn’t too much after that.

Each bite felt desirable, and everlasting. But each bite lacked that savory taste. It was a little bland for my tasting and I couldn’t really figure out why. Once completed, I pondered if that was actually the burger I desperately wanted to try, and somehow I knew that the wagyu patty with foie gras on a charcoal bun worth $34 was patiently waiting for that one day when I decide to order it.

Overall, this burger lacked the kick and the flavor for me. Maybe it’s because the beyond meat was a little dry for my taste buds. Maybe its because the burger lacked additional toppings. I don’t know. It just didn’t satisfy me. I will graciously return in the future and possibly, one day, give the wagyu patty with foie gras on a charcoal bun worth $34 a try. Until next time, continue to slayer the burger industry, Slayer Burger. You’re friendly neighbor, Drew.


Mark’s Review

Who knew that finding new burger joints could be so easy? Well, thanks to the pandemic we discovered another local joint that’s new, fresh, and very rock n’ roll. Slayer Burger joins a growing community of burger joints opening their doors in East York and Scarborough. They are all things rock n’ roll and offer only the best products, locally sourced, organic, and made from scratch. A trend setting joint that claims to serve quality food to its diners puts my expectations to no less than perfect.

They have a decent burger menu with additional offerings of salads, pastas, and milkshakes. But, their main attraction was a $34 monster called the First Degree Burger – wagyu beef on a charcoal sesame bun… sounded tempting, but maybe for a future visit.

The Beyond Meat Burger/Photo by Mark Avila

Andrew and I decided to go for the Beyond Meat Burger- a beyond meat patty on a sesame bun layered with baby arugula, cheddar cheese, and their slayer sauce. Rather than choosing the usual French fries for our sides, we opted for the root veggies for a slightly healthier option.

First impressions… the beyond meat patty had a kick of heat and spice that brought out the overall flavor of the burger. I don’t know if it was the slayer sauce that released this amazing taste, but it was a pleasant surprise for my tastebuds. The sesame bun was soft and chewy as if it had just come out fresh from the oven.

The root veggies was an interesting alternative to the traditional French fries. It didn’t describe what veggies were used, but if I were to take an educated guess… radish, yam, cassava, and turnip?! Either way, they were delicious! Seasoned nicely and not too oily. Definitely a different feeling from the grease coma that I usually experience after eating a container of French fries.

Slayer Burger was a surprising, yet great discovery. From preparation of their food, to the quality of packaging you can tell that they take pride in quality over quantity. I’d rather pay for a small meal that has taste value over a full size meal that looks sloppy and uncared for. This joint is definitely one of my new local favorites. Next time, I’m coming back for that Wagyu beef burger!


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