#BurgerTours: Burger Review #45: Avengers Burger

Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Date Visited: May 28, 2020
Location: Scarborough, ON
BurgerTours Rating: 8.6/10

Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses
Awesome messy $11-$15 Fast Food Veggie


Drew’s Review

Here it goes. Our second pandemic burger review.

The day we chose to do a BurgerTour just happened to be National Hamburger Day, and so it was our best interest to provide another documented evaluation of another burger joint found in the GTA. When selecting the burger joint, we wanted something nearby as we were either going to get it for takeout or delivery, and seeing how we did takeaway last time, we went with delivery. For this delivery we chose the destination to be Mark’s parked vehicle, so right away, this was going to be something different.

The burger joint that we had yet to have tried was Avengers Burger, and we landed on it after browsing their menu. Avengers Burger provides an assortment of homemade customized burgers with its names being related to an Avenger, or a superhero theme such as Thor’s Hammer, HULK…SMASH! or the Infinity War burger, which is a triple beef patty monster, (I may have to order that next time.) Again, dining in Mark’s car, we weren’t able to dine inside, or even interact with the staff of Avengers Burger . I hope to return in the future to pay a visit when things are back to the usual…hopefully.

Falcon Burger/Photo by Andrew Hockridge

Our orders were placed and nearly 30 to 45 minutes later, our UberEats delivery guy walked up to our car with our orders in hand. As simple as that, we took our burgers, thanked him and began devouring our meals. I decided to go with the Falcon Burger. It was a simple, compact burger that came with a beef patty, cheddar cheese, beef bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles and rosemary garlic aioli. And the first bite was phenomenal.

I couldn’t get over the delicious creation. The meat was juicy and succulent and the toppings were well mixed into the sandwich. The buns were fresh and every bite was savoury. The bacon offered a nice crisp to the burger and the garlic aioli was the best dressing to complement this burger. And the fries were beyond exceptional. They were thin, golden brown and slightly crispy, the perfect addition to a burger combo.

Overall, I really wished we could have conducted this review over normal circumstances while dining in, but for the time being this will just have to be the new reality. Avengers Burger definitely has the charisma and the drive to compete amongst the elite burger joints in the city and furthermore, they certainly met all my expectations. The burger was delicious and I am looking forward to paying a visit in person in the future.


Mark’s Review

Quarantine and social distancing is still the norm pretty much everywhere, but that didn’t stop us from doing this BurgerTour. Most restaurants in the city continue to remain open, but dining in is still a big no-no. The last tour we opted for calling in our orders and driving to pick it up ourselves. This time around we decided to order from the UberEats app. We were restricted on where we could order, since UberEats could only connect us to restaurants in our area.

Avengers Burger was listed as the closest, so we decided to try them out. Not to our surprise, it was all Superhero themed! Browsing through the menu, the burgers were all named after a Superhero with ingredients relating to that particular person.

Along with burgers they also offer sides of fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, poutine, vegetarian poutine, and milkshakes.

The Earth is Closed Today/Photo by Mark Avila

I previously mentioned hat I would order more vegetarian and vegan options for a little change in pace. And so, I opted for the Earth Is Closed Today Burger – a veggie burger patty, topped with sautéed mushrooms, sautéed red pepper, lettuce, tomato, and rosemary garlic aioli.

The first bite was a flavor explosion! First came the rosemary aioli, then the sautéed mushrooms and red peppers. I must say, that was probably one of the best flavor trio that I’ve ever tasted. There was a hint of spice that balanced the overall taste of the burger.

Overall, I was surprised by how good everything tasted, and wished I ordered a second serving. As a new joint in the Toronto burger scene, I was impressed with the food they had to offer, and could see them growing into a popular destination for foodies in the future. Another place I would visit again post quarantine!


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