Double Big Mac – McDonald’s UK – Burger Price & Review

McDonald’s Double Big Mac McDonald’s Double Big Mac Review: Price: £4.29/£5.69/£6.09. Calories: 694 kcal. The quest for the Double Big Mac is finally over. From Wednesday 18th November, the four beef patty version of the flagship burger will be available at McDonald’s until Tuesday 29th December as part of the 2020 Festive Menu. Our quest … Read more

#BurgerTours: Burger Review # 51: Confused Kitchen

Photo by Mark Avila Date Visited: February 20, 2021 Location: Milliken BurgerTours Rating: 8/10 Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses Great Chaos $11-$15 Fast Food Veggie Website Drew’s ReviewHi, welcome back, or if you’re new here, welcome to our community. I’m your co-host Andrew and allow me to take you on this journey of wonder and … Read more

Chocolate Pecan Pie – i am baker

Chocolate Pecan Pie has a chocolate gooey filling with pecans, topped with more pecans, and chopped and baked in a no-fail homemade flaky pie crust. Check out my Pecan Pie Recipe for another holiday dessert favorite. Chocolate Pecan Pie This recipe all starts with my homemade pie crust. It works in so many recipes from … Read more

Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets – McDonald’s UK

McDonald’s Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets McDonald’s Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets Review: Price: £3.59/£4.99/£5.39. Calories: 327 kcal. McDonald’s UK have delivered a worldwide first with the launch of the new Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets. They are described as “100% chicken breast meat in a bold Katsu Curry crispy breadcrumb coating” and are available in portions of … Read more

#BurgerTours: Burger Review #52: Harry’s Drive-In

Photo by Andrew Hockridge Date Visited: March 27, 2021 Location: Scarborough, ON BurgerTours Rating: 5.65/10 Taste Messiness Price Venue Pluses Good Non-Messy $5-$10 Fast Food Veggie, Patio Website Drew’s Review Harry’s Drive-In in Scarborough has been serving up hamburgers since 1954. The location sits comfortably in a parking lot in the north-east intersection of Kennedy … Read more